Bob Regnerus Interviewed on Logical Soul Talk

Bob Regnerus knows the secret to success:  Be THE Expert! Bob lives by example – he’s a speaker, coach, co-host of Game Changers Radio, book producer and author of several books on marketing and success.  He shared his unique perspective and success formula with Dr. Craig’s listeners on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, July 9, 2013. Bob’s passion is coaching […] Read more »

Grow With the Masters – Wendy Howard Interviews Bob Regnerus

Join Bob to discover … The BIG problem in today’s business environment that ALL business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs need to overcome. How a book is THE ultimate solution to overcoming this problem. The advantages of becoming an author and the amazing opportunities this creates for you. How to get started … quickly … and easily … when you know how … Several (often overlooked) ways to grow your practice […] Read more »

Amethyst Wyldfyre and Bob Regnerus – The 2 Best Ways to Spread Your Mission and Message in the World

Amethyst Wyldfyre – The Speakers Shaman &  Empowered Messenger Master Mentor is an Internationally known Speaker, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Artist.  She is passionate about serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual […] Read more »

Preston Rahn – All about selling high-priced, complicated products and services

Preston Rahn is an author, speaker, coach and mentor who is regularly sought out by top leaders for blending his high level marketing and sales strategies with energy and emotional intelligence. Preston has founded many businesses, partnered with many high level influencers and enjoys coaching, consulting and training professionals so they can double or even […] Read more »

Mark Boersma, Bob Regnerus, GingerAnne Collins – Mistakes 99 out of 100 people make on LinkedIn every day…

99% of people do not use LinkedIn properly. Today, Mark Boersma, GingerAnne Collins, and Bob Regnerus talk about what to do instead. Mark Boersma is the CEO of Synergy Solutions. Synergy Solutions draws its staff from a diverse group of talented, motivated individuals who have a strong desire to achieve their own full potential and […] Read more »

Tracy Hoobyar

- This week we welcome Tracy Hoobyar of to the show. She works with her clients to clarify their business and purpose. She works together with them to create a custom program of independent and supported work that will fit each individual’s needs and desired speed of progress. During the course of this work […] Read more »

Bonus Interview – John Aiello

- John Aiello is this week’s guest on The Playmaker’s Spotlight With Gary Arakelian. As the Co-Founder of SAVO, John spent most of the past 13 years pioneering, defining, and evangelizing the Sales Enablement software category. Under John’s leadership as CEO, SAVO became the unquestioned leader in Sales Enablement, growing at a rate of 40% […] Read more »

Joe Abraham, Joyce Pollakoff, Marcus McEwen

- Joyce Pollakoff is an Event Planner and Owner of Joyce Pollakoff Events, Inc. 847.446.4700 Joyce was recently featured on and a she’s a past winner of The N.I.C.E Awards Chicago’s Best Social Event. Joyce Pollakoff Events has been customizing distinctive and unforgettable special events in the Chicago area for over 35 years. In […] Read more »

John Dallas, Jon Wool, and Scott Epskamp

- For many years now John R. Dallas, Jr. is known as “a man of his words.” He is Founder and Chief Alignment Officer (CAO) of Hillview Partners Network LLC, a team of independent consultants, executive coaches, and public speakers; credentialed individuals preeminent in fields related to strategic alignment of people, money, technology, and other […] Read more »