Joe Abraham, Joyce Pollakoff, Marcus McEwen

- Joyce Pollakoff is an Event Planner and Owner of Joyce Pollakoff Events, Inc. 847.446.4700 Joyce was recently featured on and a she’s a past winner of The N.I.C.E Awards Chicago’s Best Social Event. Joyce Pollakoff Events has been customizing distinctive and unforgettable special events in the Chicago area for over 35 years. In […] Read more »

John Dallas, Jon Wool, and Scott Epskamp

- For many years now John R. Dallas, Jr. is known as “a man of his words.” He is Founder and Chief Alignment Officer (CAO) of Hillview Partners Network LLC, a team of independent consultants, executive coaches, and public speakers; credentialed individuals preeminent in fields related to strategic alignment of people, money, technology, and other […] Read more »

John Mautner, David Sinker, John Aiello, Alan Calica T-Mobile’s “Gadget Guru”

- John Mautner is an expert in the field of small business growth and profitability. John has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. The strategies and principals have lead John to build four successful companies. In fact, Inc. Magazine awarded his first businesses as one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies. In 2001, […] Read more »

Ian Miller, Steve Olsher, Brian O’Neill, Alan Calica T-Mobile “Gadget Guy”

- Ian Miller is a brand expert that created Rocket Branding, a unique process designed to accelerate brand growth. His obsession with accelerated growth has helped grow five $1 billion dollar brands, six $500 million brands and some 500 others from start up through maturity. Born in outback Australia and after stints as an International […] Read more »

John McCartney, Ana Vitelo, Ben Crown, Monty Sauder

- John McCartney, founder of Blast Marketing, is an award-winning marketing professional with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and promotion on both local and national levels and has extensive industry contacts befitting his long career. John continues to innovate and develop Blast’s range of services and strategies to stay abreast of […] Read more »

Brad Farris, Dean MacMorris, Tim Cimaglio, Monty Sauder

- As principal advisor of Anchor Advisors, Brad Farris guides business owners through the pitfalls and joys of growing their business. Brad is passionate about business and helping business owners find better ways to do things, make more money and enjoy life more. Brad is a speaker and author of The Business Owner’s Champion: 6 […] Read more »

Matt Mayberry, Pete Gilfillan, Michael Zaccaro

- Matt Mayberry is a fit-life coach, fitness & health expert, professional speaker, author, and high-performance business coach. As a natural motivator, Matt inspires others towards positive change and reaching their fullest potential while living the life of their dreams. Matt’s every day goal is to challenge and help others in reaching their fullest potential […] Read more »

David Sloan, J.R. Niklos, Lori Eshoo

- Naf Naf Grill started in Naperville, Illinois when Sahar and Elan the original founders opened the doors of their old Naf Naf building on Ogden Ave. They put their life savings into the restaurant betting that the people of Naperville would come to love their food. They soon found out that their bet would […] Read more »

Jason Jacobsohn, Brian Plain, Jeff Hyman

- Brian Plain is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) professional with an independent financial planning practice located in Oak Park, IL. He equips successful professionals and entrepreneurs with custom-crafted financial plans that create an ideal future without unnecessary risk or sacrifice. A 2002 graduate of Stonehill College with a degree in Finance, Brian has worked in several […] Read more »

Mary Lee Gilliland, Jeannie Walters, Martha & Silvia Romero

- Mary Lee Gilliland is Founder and President, Madison Sports Partnerships. Madison Sports is a Chicago-based firm established to provide strategic business development for sports entities, ranging from youth to professional, to grow their revenues and create new ways to develop their businesses through multimedia, technology and strategic solutions. Before launching Madison Sports, Mary Lee led […] Read more »