Ben Settle and Vik Rajan

Ben Settle

Ben Settle

Ben Settle is one of the world’s top email marketing specialists and creator of the prestigious “Email Players” newsletter. He is also the author of “The Email Player’s Cookbook” and “Street-Smart Email”, and publishes free daily email marketing tips on his website at Ben’s clients have included everyone from small start-ups on “shoe string” budgets to some of the biggest and most successful info publishing businesses on the Internet. Today he’s going to show you how to as much as double your sales using short, simple emails you can write in 15 minutes or less..

“Ben Settle is a great contemporary source of copywriting wisdom. I’ve been a big admirer of Ben’s writing for a long time, and he’s the only copywriter I’ve ever hired and been satisfied with.”

-Ken McCarthy
One of the “founding fathers”
of Internet marketing


Vikram Rajan

Vikram Rajan


Vik Rajan  runs, a NY based company that ghostwrites blogs, newsletters, and Linkedin posts for financial professionals. Linkedin, blogging, & newsletters can take hours…or just minutes with They are a 2 yr old service with clients around the country.

In addition to his AICPA marketing columns and CLE-credit advertising ethics seminars, Vikram Rajan is the founder of and serves as a Practice Marketing Advisor™ for CPAs, attorneys, and financial advisors. Vik helps his clients implement Marketing Action Plans (MAPs) within his clients’ codes of ethics and compliance obligations.

Vikram’s book, 365 Marketing Thumb-rules: Daily Reminders for Rainmakers, has received praise from over 15 organization leaders within the legal, accounting, financial services, and real estate professions. Vik also contributes to his, which receives over a hundred views everyday.


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