Mobile Apps! (Game Changers Multimedia Developers Ron Niebauer and Lambert Matias) and RuthAnn Wiesner (RAW Marketing)

Mobile Apps are here as a direct marketer and online marketer join forces with the Game Changers Radio Show to form Game Changers Multimedia. 

Game Changers Multimedia - Mobile Apps - Ron Niebauer and Lambert Matias

Game Changers Multimedia – Mobile Apps – Ron Niebauer and Lambert Matias

Heading off the Game Changers Multimedia Mobile App division, Ron Niebauer and Lambert Matias bring their lifetime of online and offline marketing experience to the world of Mobile Apps exclusively for business owners and professionals.

The world is going mobile, and for some businesses, you’re either going to adapt or become a business dinosaur.  In a world where microwave ovens aren’t fast enough, finding your website while mobile is asking too much!  In come the Mobile Apps to give your prospects, customers and clients what they want in an instant…and you as a business owner benefit from “Instant Access” and almost certain Attention in an understandably overwhelmed world.

Ron and Lambert share smart strategies and tactics to use Mobile Apps as a Marketing, Retention, and Profit-Boosting tool for your business.

If you want an app for your business, we will waive the $97 App Consultation fee when you email with “App Consult Bonus” in the subject. You can also call our offices at 888-523-1987.

RuthAnn Weisner

RuthAnn Wiesner

We’re also excited to have RuthAnn Wiesner, Owner of RAW Marketing in the studio.

RuthAnn is the owner of a successful Marketing Group located south of the Chicago area that specializes in helping small business owners improve their brand and increase their businesses through effective marketing and a strong social media platform.

 She has a Facebook following of over 7500, Twitter following over 12k, and she KNOWS effective social media and she “walks the talk”! She has over 15 years experience in marketing and she was implementing social media strategies for businesses back when the big players were MySpace and Friendster…remember them?

RuthANN is a huge fan of The Game Changers Radio Show and we are honored to have her on the show!


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