April 14, 2012 @ 7:00pm – Allen Penn (Uber.com) Zach Haller (Found-In-Town.com) Seyi Fabode (Power2Switch.com)

Have a great business idea? Have you taken action on it yet? This week you will meet 3 individuals who have taken a great idea and jumped over the biggest hurdle any entrepreneur faces – idea paralysis.  They have moved from idea to action, and they are all thriving at various stages of business.

They are all following a very simple formula : Serve the Consumer + Serve a Business  = Success

This week we have 3 very bright and action-oriented entrepreneurs who are creating businesses from ideas.

Zach Haller is the founder of Found in Town, a community-based lost and found program in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Found in Town is a free online lost and found recovery service that helps reunite misplaced items such as keys, mobile phones and wallets, with their rightful owners. He has been featured in Crain’s and Fast Company, and now The Game Changers Radio Show!

Seyi Fabode (pronounced ‘Shea’)  is the CEO/Founder of Power2Switch . Think of this company as the “‘Expedia for Electricity”. ‘Seyi is an Engineer and has several years of experience in the electricity and IT industries. He firmly believes that the electricity industry is on the cusp of change that will put the power fully in the hands of the customer and that ‘linchpins’ who provide products/tools to enable the customer are helping/will help to catalyze that change. Hear about his innovative idea and how he launched his idea right out of business school.

Allen Penn is the General Manager of Uber. Uber is an on-demand private driver service, delivered through your mobile phone. Press a button on your iPhone or Android apps, or text them your location, and a luxury limo vehicle (sedans and SUVs) will show up in 5-15 minutes. They launched service in Chicago in September 2011 and currently operate in 7 cities worldwide. This is a great business case of merging technology and taking advantages of inefficiencies in the marketplace.  Why take a cab when you can have a private driver at your beckon call!

Join us Saturday night for The Game Changers Radio Show to move your business idea into action!

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