Henry Evans, Tim Yario, and Laura Betterly



Henry Evans

Henry Evans

Henry Evans is the author of the new book, The Hour a Day Entrepreneur” 

Henry is an entrepreneur, geek, marketer, sales-guru, teacher, husband and father to two wonderful girls, Henry Evans has been involved in getting results with sales and marketing for more than 20 years. Using his “hour-a-day” methods, Henry escaped the corporate world, where he was successful leader on the front lines of software companies, hardware companies, commercial real estate firms, and manufacturing organizations.

He has been responsible for generating more than $15,000,000 in sales and has engineered a $189,000 payday in 90 minutes. His experience ranges from successfully selling to the Executive Office of the President of the United States, down to working with a local Steakhouse on re-vamping their marketing campaign.


Laura Betterly

Laura Betterly

Laura Betterly  is the President and CEO of Yada Yada Marketing, Inc. She is an early entrant in the online marketing field, having established online music company named Visiosonic also known as PCDJ.COM. She forged relationships with other tech companies such as MP3.com and Live365.com and worked with celebrities such as Ice T, Nile Rodgers, Jam Master Jay and Chaka Kahn.

Laura grew up in a hi-tech environment as her father, the inventor of instant-replay, instilled a sound background in business and technology in her at an early age. She has been a featured speaker at such diverse functions as CES (The Consumer Electronics Show), Winter Music Conference, NARAS, the Grammy’s organization as well as the Federal Trade Commission.

Laura has been interviewed extensively and featured in such newspapers as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and Newsday as well as on CNN, CNNfN and NPR to name just a few; In fact, she has been interviewed in and been on over 200 newspaper, TV, and radio shows…and now, The Game Changers Radio Show.


Tim Yario

Tim Yario

On this week’s Playmakers Segment, Dick Smith interviews Tim Yario, President of Column Technologies, Inc., a global technology company dedicated to providing operational enhancement products, services, and solutions to small, mid-size and enterprise organizations, as well as to the public and federal sector. Their headquarters are in Downers Grove, IL with over 300 employees around the world and offices in Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Column Technologies focuses on developing long-term partnerships with their customers as they deliver world class enterprise solutions that improve performance, reduce operational costs, and provide automation.  Column’s success is sustained by their collaborative business methodology approach that integrates people, process, technology, and support.

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