June 30, 2012 @ 7:00pm – Emil Valentino, Nate Hagerty, and Justin Ullman

Your Power Idea and Thinking Hour this week will get your juices flowing.

How many of you would like a business with no overhead and you never have to leave your home? How would you like to get paid to deliver your service wearing pajamas or “comfy pants” (as my 10-year old daughter calls them)?

Our first guest is living that business reality right now. Emil Valentino offers Live, Online Flexibility, Yoga, Pole Dancing, and Stretching classes via the internet. Talk about a Media Master at work! Emil will share all about his business model and his passion, and why this is a great way to service his clients. Our question is, what can you take from Emil’s model and apply to your business?

Next, we have Nate Hagerty, a 9-year veteran of the tax and accounting industry -who focuses on Internet Marketing and Direct Response media and has become a widely-followed and respected marketing voice to the industry.

His company, TaxProMarketer was established in May of 2007  in response to increased demand for real-world relationship-building and profit-producing tools and strategy for use in the legal, tax and accounting industry. He provides services to build relationships with prospects & existing clients, as well as grow the value of your business. You can find Nate’s company online at TaxProMarketer.com. Listen to Nate’s story about how he grew into this business and especially pay attention to how he help professionals in his industry create slid relationships with their clients and prospects.

This week we also introduce a new feature to The Game Changers Radio Show. We’re proud to welcome Dick Smith and his new Playmakers segment to the show. Dick is Chicago’s premier executive coach.  Each and every week, Dick will bring you a captivating interview with prominent business leaders and CEOs. This week, Dick welcomes Justin Ullman, CEO of Rhinodox, Chicago’s premier, dependable,and cost effective data management and archival supplier.

If you are not in Chicago, you can still listen live online at www.560wind.com.

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