March 31, 2012 @ 7:00pm – Frank Nunez (Unicus) and Bob Mehorczyk (Bobby Bear Fun & Fitness)

It’s Spring, time to get your body and business into shape!

This week’s guests have the answers solve both your body and business problems!

Frank Nunez and his wife Dina are fitness experts and serial entrepreneurs. They are taking the Chicago area and nation by storm. In this week’s program, Frank will talk about their strategy for growing a fitness business in a market that’s saturated with competition and big-box players. You’ll love hearing how their simple “under-the-radar” approach has led to explosive growth without spending any money on their own gym! Frank and Dina also niched two successful programs, The Wedding Bootcamp and The Beach Body Emergency to cater specifically to the cries of the marketplace.

Bob Mehorcyzk of Bobby Bear Fun & Fitness  has a BIG DREAM, and that’s to solve the childhood obesity and diabetic epidemic in this country. He and his wife Jennifer have an novel way of attacking this through fun and education. They are bringing their mascot, Bobby Bear to schools, recreations centers, and child-care facilities all around the city.  With fitness classes and education programs that gets both kids and adults involved, they will be catalysts in creating new lifestyles for thousands and thousands of kids all over Chicago and the nation. You’ll love Bob’s passion and ideas.

Both entrepreneurs will spark several ways you can get your business into shape for the Spring. We hope you will join us this Saturday night on AM560-WIND for a business workout!

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